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1112 AW Diemen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20-6907037

About all our services

All Round Shipping is a Dutch-owned company with more than fifteen years' experience in shipping cargo to countries all over the world, in particular to West Africa. Over the past fifteen years the company headed by Mildred Kleinbussink has grown into a network of offices and experience, making the company a leader in shipping, with offices in Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.
We specialise in shipping cars, vans, trucks, containers and farm machinery to ports all over the world.

All Round Shipping is a big family. And like all big families, we work together to see to it that the needs of our customers are met.
In today's world of rapid communication and automation, most people prefer to talk to a person than a computerised voice. Personal contact and confidence in the people with whom you deal with is paramount in business.

All Round Shipping is all about the personal touch. We get your goods there, on time, and at competitive prices.
At All Round Shipping we care.


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